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Alejandra Monge
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Costa Rica

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Es el evento donde los ejecutivos y empresarios encuentran todo lo que necesitan para su oficina o negocio.



April 20th and 21th, 2016 Pedregal, Costa Rica.

Eka Consultores is a media company that specializes in connecting suppliers with professionals that have the purchasing power and decision to promote business opportunities.  We produce magazines, shows, web pages, conferences, and seminars in Costa Rica.

For the business sector we publish Expo Empleo, a recruitment expo and EKA, the magazine that link us with the corporative sector.

What is Expo Oficina and Tecnología?
We put together the most important business solution suppliers of the region, with the executives of emerging organizations, who need to find products, services, equipment, and real estate for their businesses.

When and Where?
April 20th and 21th, 2016 Pedregal, Costa Rica.

Hours for the public:
9 am to 7 pm.

Why exhibit?
Exhibiting at Expo Oficina puts you right in front of more than 3000 actual and future contacts that will help you increase your sales.   Be part of ExpoOficina where you will create great business opportunities to:

  • Increase your sales in a high rising market.
  • Reinforce and position your business image.
  • Networking
  • Strategic alliances
  • Product demonstrations
  • Direct contact with buyers
  • Successful post event transactions
  • New products introduction and demonstrations
  • Get to know your competitors

Product category:
Commercial and office area developers, furniture and office equipment suppliers, technology, communication, general services, food, financing and insurance, health, personnel services, outsourcing, recruiting, transport, education, and business services.

More than 50 exhibitors that are or want to be suppliers of services, products, and real estate for the Latin American companies.

Visitor Profile:
We receive more than 3000 purchasing executives from emerging companies, business administrators, directors and businesses owners, government buying executives, administrative and finance managers, maintenance engineers.

 What is new!

  • Business conference February 3 and 4, 2015.
  • Green office contest
  • Optical scanner

Green Office Contest
This activity is all about creating a design and decoration that is environment friendly.  Each proposal has to reflect the creativity and the inspiration of the participants.



Logo during the campaign
Event promotional (magazine, press)
2 stands
2 welcoming banners at the event’s entrance
3 digital panels showing general information
1 whole page advertisement in the Expooficina directory
1 whole page advertisement in the EKA Empresarial magazine
10 signaling banners with the business logo
Investment $11,500

Logo during the campaign
Event promotional (magazine, press)
1 Stand
2,000 nametag bands with the business logo
4,000 nametags with the business logo
1 whole page advertisement in the Expooficina directory
Investment $8,000

Standard:   $1,745
Corner:       $1,825

External measurements: 3 m x 3 m
Internal measurements:  2.95 m x 2.95 m
Reserve your stand with 20% of the total value; the pending 80% must be cancelled in two payments 45 and 75 days prior to the event.

The event organizers will hand invitations (complementary admission) to all the exhibitors so they can invite their clients.  The invitations are valid to enter the event for free.  If not presented at the entrance the established fee must be paid.

General Admission:
Entrance is free when you register on our site before the event date.
Admission fee:  $6.00

Personalized emails to our more than 13,000 contacts in the business
Invitations for exhibitor’s clients
Personal invitations for AAA clients
Phone invitations
POP material
Apetito Magazine
EKA Magazine
TYT Magazine
Agreements with chambers and associations


Stand Set Up:

Monday, February 02 from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Note:  by hotel regulations exhibits must be set up by 9:00 pm.  To avoid any inconveniences please keep this in mind.

Exhibit dismantle:
Wednesday, February 04 after 8:00 pm.

Most original stand: 3 mentions
Most organized stand: 3 mentions
Best customer service:  3 mentions
Recruiting power: 3 mentions

Name Tags:
Distinctive nametags will be given to:
Exhibitors, organizers and visitors.  The nametags for the exhibitors and for people in charge of the stand should be ordered by filling a Service Form (  They will be given out during the set up on Monday, February 02 after 2:00 pm.

During the event set up we will provide private security service.  Exhibitor will provide a list of the people that are authorized to enter the event. For security reasons, material cannot be permitted in the premises by lifting the security tape.

Inventory will take place by the exhibitors that require it.  It must be signed at the opening and closing of the event.

Contact us:

Diego Camacho
EKA Consultores
Tel: +506.4001-6739
San José, Costa Rica

Karl Hempel, Director
Tel.: (506) 4001-6735